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I would like more information about H-2 visas and the program.

Please watch this informative video about H-2 visas and our program.

Is this program legal?

Yes! The H-2 visa program through Arkansas Global Connect is 100% legal and with reputable employers in the United States.


How can I apply to be contacted for the H-2 visa program?

Please fill out this registration form to apply to be in our database.

I have already applied to be in the database. When will I receive a call from Arkansas Global Connect?

It can take a few days to a few months for our team to be able to call you because we have thousands of applicants and only a small team. Please be patient and trust that you will receive a call when it is your time.


Do I have to pay to work in the H-2 visa program through Arkansas Global Connect?

You never have to pay to participate in the H-2 visa program through Arkansas Global Connect. You only have to pay for your passport, and the rest will be paid for by your employer in the United States.

I cannot attend the job fair because I live far from the event. What can I do to be available for these job openings?

You can fill out our registration form, and you will be in the same database as those that attend the job fair.

Arkansas Global Connect has already called me and told me about available positions and/or I have been to a job fair hosted by Arkansas Global Connect. How will I know if I got the job?

You will never have to call or contact us if you have gotten the job. It can take up to a few weeks or months until you actually have a job, but don’t worry. Once you have been placed with an employer, we will call you. Please be patient and trust that you will receive a call when it is your time.

Can I trust you with my documents and personal data?

Yes, you can trust us with your documents and personal data. Nobody outside of our team has access to your documents or data, and we only use this information to apply for your visa for you. If you ever have any doubts that you were contacted by a person on our team, contact us on our Facebook page.


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